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It’s a story we hear every day. Natasha and her partner had been trying to get pregnant for over 18 months with no success. Her friend was also struggling to conceive but shared that after starting a natural fertility program, they learned the secrets to natural fertility and finally became pregnant within a few months. 

Natasha was so happy for her friend, it meant there was hope for her too! She began the fertility program at Thuja Wellness that included a combination of Registered Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, and Acupuncture. She was shocked by the results. 

After a couple of cycles of seeing Ila, I was pregnant. I could not believe it. I truly thank Ila for being a part of my fertility journey and I would highly recommend seeing her. PS. I am 16 weeks pregnant today and it’s a BOY! So far everything is going really well (now that I’m not nauseous every day!).” 

Every day we work with couples just like Natasha who want to increase their fertility naturally. We believe that a woman’s body has everything it needs to make a baby, but sometimes it needs a little push or a reset. 

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What is natural fertility?

About 1 in 6 couples in Canada struggle to get pregnant. Based on our experience, drugs and invasive treatments are not always necessary. For women who wish a more holistic and natural approach, they seek a natural fertility expert. 

We all know the process to get pregnant. While the timing and your cycle play a big role, there are other ways to prepare your body for conception that don’t involve drugs or invasive procedures. It’s all about aligning your cycle with your physical body. Once these are in sync your chances of getting pregnant increase. 

When seeking help to increase the chance of getting pregnant, natural fertility programs are becoming more popular in Canada. They are non-invasive, and they use multiple specialties to help you align your body (physically and emotionally) to make conceiving a child easier. This is all done through natural, non-invasive methods. 

Your unique fertility plan

We design a natural fertility treatment just for you and your needs. There are many things you can do on your own to increase your fertility. When you combine them with a customized program to help you adopt healthier habits, align your physical body, and prepare you emotionally for the journey to motherhood, you increase your chances of getting pregnant:

Healthier habits

Your natural fertility plan may include naturopathic consultations to guide you in establishing better, healthier habits for all areas of your life. Couples who are trying to increase their chances of conceiving often get nutrition and lifestyle coaching to make sure they are putting the right nutrients in their body and their lifestyle isn’t something that could potentially cause difficulty with conceiving. 

At Thuja Wellness, we often encourage both partners to get naturopathic consultations. Healthier habits can increase sperm quality and mobility for men, and women can see benefits in many areas including increasing endometrial lining for higher chances of implantation.

Aligning your physical body

We know that sperm reaches the egg as quickly as half an hour, or as long as a couple of days. The quicker we can get those guys there, the higher your chances of a sperm penetrating the egg and making a baby. This is partially about ensuring a strong sperm count and mobility, but also about making sure they don’t encounter any barriers when they enter the uterus. 

In natural fertility treatments, we often use Osteopathic Manual Techniques to help:

  • Align the pelvis, lower back & hips while increasing nerve conduction to the uterus, fallopian tubes & ovaries,
  • Align uterus & ovarian ligaments, and 
  • Reduce scar tissue surrounding uterus, ovaries & surrounding muscles.

These will help give sperm their best chances of getting to the egg faster and healthier. 

Preparing you emotionally

Your overall wellness and mental health are often an overlooked part of trying to conceive. When your stress levels are well-managed, you have a higher chance of conceiving, compared to someone with higher stress levels. 

In natural fertility programs, we often suggest massage and Traditional Chinese Medicines to help calm your mind (and body):

  • Massage therapy can help relax tense muscles and put you in a more relaxed calm state. Besides helping reduce any anxiety you may feel about getting pregnant. 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, acupressure massage, cupping, moxibustion, and Chinese herbs and oils, helps your overall uterine and ovarian health, optimizes sperm quality. Also, helps you reduce emotional and physical stresses that could prevent you from conceiving. 


When to seek support

To increase your chances of conceiving before you start trying to conceive, get natural fertility support to make sure everything is in alignment. At Thuja Wellness, we work with couples at all stages: before trying to conceive, when they start trying to conceive, and after they experience difficulties. 

Seeking fertility support early can help uncover potential infertility problems. Therefore, helping you get pregnant faster when you start trying to conceive. It can help you better manage physical and emotional trauma and is a great way to help ensure your:

  • Hormones are balanced
  • Immunity is strengthened
  • Pelvis is aligned
  • Anxiety and/or depression is managed. 

When you work with Thuja Wellness on your fertility journey, you get a personalized fertility plan, and access to our monthly membership program which provides additional support including: 

  • Prenatal supplements.
  • Thuja Wellness Signature Essential Oil Blends for your follicular & luteal phase.
  • Ovulation sticks and pregnancy tests
  • Two fertility advising sessions to help you feel connected & supported

We’ve also brought together a team of staff across multiple natural disciplines to provide all the support and resources you need to increase your fertility naturally. We’re here to share our fertility secrets with you. 

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