The Natural Way to Treat Chronic Pain

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Pain is a normal part of life, but long-term pain isn’t. When it lasts longer than 3 months and doesn’t go away as expected it’s considered chronic pain. You may experience this as burning, aching, or like shooting electricity through your body and it can cause you to feel stiff, tight, or sore. 

Here’s how an integrated holistic treatment plan can help you treat chronic pain in your body.

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What is chronic pain?

When you sustain an injury, electrical signals go from the site of the injury to your brain. It’s part of being human and it’s how we learn to protect and heal ourselves. When these electrical signals continue long after the initial injury it may become chronic pain

Even mild pain can become a chronic condition. For example, if left untreated, that ache in your lower back can affect your posture and how you walk. This can cause pains in other areas of your body, and start affecting your quality of life and mental wellbeing.

Types of injuries

  1. Chronic pain is often the result of an injury to your body:
  2. Workplace injuries: Accidents at work can cause chronic pain, as can everyday working conditions. If you spend a lot of time in one position, such as at a desk, or workstation, that might cause repetitive stress injuries that can become chronic if not treated.
  3. Sports Injuries: Muscle pain and soreness is expected after exercise or playing sports, but if it doesn’t go away as expected in a few days, it can develop into a chronic injury and have more long-term effects.
  4. Motor Vehicle Accidents: Chronic pain from motor vehicle accidents is quite common. This could include injury sustained in the accident, such as whiplash or symptoms from a concussion.
  5. Postural Dysfunctions: Sometimes your posture can contribute to chronic pain. In addition to correcting your posture and stance, a holistic integrative treatment plan can give you relief from rounded shoulders, back pain, and locked knees.
  6. Stress-Relief: If you suffer from stress, no matter the source, that can lead to a chronic condition and should be treated. In addition to reducing stress in your life with lifestyle changes, several specialties of holistic treatments can help you better manage stress and eliminate its effects on your body and mind.

Chronic pain can appear anywhere in your body, but most commonly present as:

  • disc injuries
  • sciatica
  • lower back pain
  • hip/pelvic/sciatic/knee pain
  • ligament sprains
  • muscle strains
  • muscle/tendon tears
  • tendonitis
  • shoulder pain
  • ankle/foot/heel pain
  • elbow/wrist pain
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • headaches/migraines
  • repetitive strain injuries
  • postural dysfunction

Once we identify the source of your pain, we can develop an integrated care approach to treating it so it either heals completely or you can better manage it. Here are a few services we offer at Thuja Wellness that we may recommend as part of your customized treatment plan for chronic pain:

Acupuncture and Cupping Techniques

Our bodies are powerful and actually contain most of what you need to promote healing. Acupuncture stimulates your natural healing and painkillers in your body, while calming the area of your brain that causes pain. Cupping can help to increase circulation to injured parts of your body, and increased circulation helps facilitate cell repair.


Osteopathic treatments focus on healing muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, connective tissue, and internal organs. It’s all about encouraging your body to heal quickly using biomechanical and osteopathic techniques. When your body heals quicker, your pain will disappear too.

Treatment Plans Thuja Wellness

Health and Nutrition Coaching

Eating right can have ripple effects in your whole body, which is why we may include it in your chronic pain treatment plan. Our holistic nutrition plans are fully customized to your unique health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits, and health goals.


We often find that the fastest healing comes, so you allow your body to slow down and relax. In today’s busy world, we know this can sometimes be a challenge. Reiki techniques can be used to increase your life energy to help you feel more awake and energetic and help treat sickness or pain.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine and techniques can help us uncover the root cause of your pain, so we can best suggest how to treat it. When it comes to pain, the site of the pain may not be what’s actually causing the pain. For example, neck pain could be an old unresolved injury, repetitive stress, postural, stress-related, or any number of other causes.

Why you should deal with chronic pain now

If you’re the kind of person who will just “tough it out” when they have pain, know that you don’t have to. There are many non-invasive and holistic ways to deal with all types of pain. 

If you are suffering from any type of pain that doesn’t go away in a reasonable amount of time, we can put together a holistic treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Our team of practitioners span multiple disciplines, and we work as an integrated team to help you heal or better manage your pain.

Book a complimentary consultation call with our team to discuss how we can help treat your chronic pain with a holistic, integrative approach.