Top 10 Fertility Resolutions for 2020

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fertility resolutions 2020

Want to get pregnant in the new year? Commit to these ten fertility resolutions to give you and your partner the best chances of succeeding in 2020.

1. Destress

Did you know that stress is the leading cause of Unexplained Fertility? You might be unknowingly sabotaging your chances of conceiving by worrying about your fertility or letting the rest of your life get to you. Whatever techniques work best for you – be that meditation, exercise, taking a nice bath – prioritize your self care and state of mind this year to boost your fertility.

2. Try a new type of treatment

If the only options offered to you by a medical doctor have been invasive, expensive procedures, maybe it’s time to take a more holistic route. At Thuja Wellness, we pride ourselves in our team of wellness practitioners who work together to offer you the best possible healthcare experience. Maybe you’ve never had acupuncture before even though it’s the most studied method of alternative healthcare for treating infertility. Or perhaps you’ve been meaning to try osteopathy but just haven’t gotten around to it. Getting a hormonal panel evaluation from a naturopath could shed light on underlying conditions that could prevent you from getting pregnant. Talking to a counsellor can also be extremely beneficial whether you’ve been struggling to get pregnant for a while now or are just beginning your journey. And who doesn’t want to get a massage more regularly?

3. Eat better

Cleaning up your diet can make all the difference in how you feel in your body as well as how efficiently your body functions and whether it has the right building blocks available to produce the right hormones in the right amounts. Make sure you’re getting enough to eat and that what you go for are mostly whole, unprocessed foods.

4. Exercise smart

Getting enough of the right kind of exercise is incredibly important when it comes to both female and male fertility. You don’t need to spend hours at the gym every day to optimize your fertility. In fact, overexercise is counterproductive as it acts as a stressor on the body. Opt for gentler kinds of exercise like walking, swimming and yoga. Adopting a consistent exercise routine of moderate intensity is key to managing stress levels, maintaining a healthy body composition and improving mood.

5. Sleep well

It’s important to get between 7 and 9 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep each night if you’re trying to get pregnant. Cutting down screen time, getting enough exercise and creating a simple wind-down routine before bed can make a big impact on how well you sleep. Replace that extra cup of coffee with an extra hour of sleep and your body (and your reproductive system in particular) will thank you.

6. Take up yoga and meditation

Several studies have shown that yoga and meditation practices have a positive impact on both female and male fertility. They’ve even been used to enhance the effectiveness of IVF treatments. But particularly if you’re going the all natural route (which we advocate for), taking up yoga and meditation does wonders for lowering your stress levels and mitigating some of the negative mental health effects that struggling with fertility can create.

7. Reconnect with your partner

Remember what made you want to have a baby with them in the first place, especially if this has already been a long road for the two of you. Try something new together or go back to doing something that brought you together in the beginning of your relationship. Fertility involves both partners so make sure you’re both committed to making these fertility enhancing resolutions a priority in 2020.

8. Experiment in the bedroom

Trying to get pregnant will be a lot more fun if you and your partner get a little creative when it comes to the actual baby making. Don’t let sex become a chore, or something you only engage in during the woman’s fertile window. Keep things light, fun and sexy

9. Put down the champagne

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself over the holidays and celebrating with your share of alcohol. But if you’re serious about trying to get pregnant, it’s time to cut back. You don’t have to stop drinking entirely but limiting your consumption will greatly improve your chances of conceiving. It almost goes without saying these days but if you’re a smoker, that also has an extremely negative impact on reproductive functions. So make this the year that you cut the habit for good.

10. Create your own fertility affirmation

While you may feel a little silly the first time you try repeating “I am fertile” into the bathroom mirror, this kind of positive affirmation does actually work. It can be a great way to combat the stress and negativity that can arise if you’re struggling with fertility issues. Any positive phrase will work – but try to pick something in the present tense (“I am” statements) for maximum benefit.

By committing to these fertility resolutions in 2020 you’ll be setting yourself up for success and the best possible chance of starting or adding to your family.