Why choose a wellness health job at Thuja Wellness

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Looking for a wellness health job? They’re in demand right now. Yet, many independent practitioners struggle to balance marketing and business operations with treating their current patients. If you have or are considering starting your own alternative or natural health practice, take a pause before you start.

You don’t have to start on your own to get started in wellness practitioner jobs. When you partner with an established wellness clinic like Thuja Wellness, you work with a team of natural and alternative health specialists. Together, you’ll make a difference in the lives of more Vancouverites.

When our patients walk through the door, we want to instil a sense of calm and healing. Our clinic’s warm, modern look has been thoughtfully designed to relieve stress for anyone who walks through our doors. You can be part of this experience.

Here are 7 reasons to choose a wellness health job and work with us at Thuja Wellness:

1. You want to make a difference

You care about people. If you care about the health and wellbeing of those in your community, and that’s likely why you got into your chosen profession. If you want to make a bigger difference, joining a multi-disciplinary natural wellness practice is a great way to support your patients, grow your business. Certainly, impact the lives of more people than going at it on your own.

Do you notice that your patients need more support than you are trained to provide? If you are an RMT, you know your patient could benefit from some nutritional coaching and acupuncture to heal the root cause of their pain. If you can’t provide these treatments yourself, the patient will likely go to someone else who can or an RMT who works in a multi-disciplinary clinic.

When you work at Thuja’s clinic, you’ll be surrounded by everyone you need to develop a more holistic, collaborative approach to your clients’ health and wellbeing. For patients, it’s an attractive benefit to know there is a whole multi-disciplinary team to support their journey.

2. You share our local values

Have you ever worked in a company that you just hated? Likely it’s because they either didn’t value or recognize your talents or because they didn’t share your values. Working with like-minded and like-valued people working towards the same goals is a more positive place to work.

At Thuja, you’d be among like-valued people who genuinely want to make a difference in the lives of their patients. The Thuja team values transparency, education, and a collaborative approach to health and wellness. You get all the benefits of working with a team of practitioners, but you still own your own practice.

3. You believe in client education and treatment

When it comes to healthcare, some practitioners just want to treat their patients and go home at the end of the day. At Thuja Wellness, our clients want to understand why they are experiencing pain or discomfort and fully understand how our integrated treatment plan will deal with the root cause, not just provide symptom relief. If you value sharing knowledge and being transparent with your patients to better their wellbeing, Thuja is the place for you.

4. You believe in collaboration

If you are already a practitioner of natural health and alternative healthcare, you know the benefits a multi-practitioner treatment plan can have for your patients. At Thuja, you collaborate on treatment plans with 10 other practitioners, so you can always provide a more well-rounded, holistic approach for your clients.

For your clients, they get the benefit of going to one clinic for all your recommended treatments. It’s an added convenience that will attract more clients to your practice. Besides, it will help the entire Thuja community thrive and help more people find relief from pain and discomfort.

5. You want a new stream of clients

For many independent practitioners without big budgets for marketing and client attraction, finding new clients can be a struggle. When you join a collective like Thuja Wellness, you benefit from referrals from the other practitioners and, above all, the combined marketing power of Thuja Wellness to get new clients through community events and digital marketing activities.

6. You value life balance and flexibility

When you choose to run your wellness practitioner job through integrated wellness centres like Thuja Wellness, you get greater flexibility to create your ideal work-life balance. Our clinic is open 7 days a week, so you can schedule your availability around your kids’ school schedules, your holiday, or weekend escape plans, or work extra shifts to help pay for an unexpected expense or special treat for yourself.

Thuja uses an easy-to-use online scheduling platform (JaneApp), so you can fully balance your availability and book clients directly. Be sure to leave time to socialize with other Thuja practitioners if you wish. We regularly plan social activities for the team to join and have fun together as a team.

7. You enjoy incentives and benefits

Being part of the Thuja team, you can benefit from many incentives. If you are a new graduate, join our team to grow your business. You can expect competitive and transparent financial incentives the faster you grow and even access our group health benefits after six months with us.

If you are a more experienced practitioner, join us to get competitor, fair, and transparent financial incentives and access to extended health benefits after six months. It’s our way of welcoming you into our family and treating you with respect and integrity.

How to become a practitioner at Thuja Wellness

If anything above resonated with you, and you’re looking for a wellness health job in Vancouver, talk to us about joining Thuja Wellness. Most importantly, we are always looking for new practitioners to join our team.

Read more about bringing your health and wellness business to Thuja. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of our career page to connect with us about joining our team.