Join Us

Thuja Wellness is an integrative health clinic based in Vancouver, BC. Thuja offers comprehensive treatment plans through a strategic collaboration between experienced practitioners. We are continuously looking to add to our team.

We are actively looking to add to our team:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Massage Therapist
General Practitioner

Why Join Thuja Wellness?

1. We have a Niche. Though we will not limit the work you do, we have a fertility and birth niche. This niche allows us to become experts in a field. Our patients will seek us out. Our niche will ensure a team of like minded practitioners.

2. We encourage a culture of grown and entrepreneurship. A culture of continued education. A culture of community.

3. Our location is excellent. The space is clean and modern, warm and inviting. We are very convenient for our patients in a densely populated area and easy access by car or transit.

4. An established marketing plan that is cooperative in nature. Every practitioner will contribute a small percentage of revenue to overall marketing. We are all helping each other and helping Thuja grow in a collaborative way.

5. We promote ongoing education, not just in our field but also in business. We provide ongoing business support and coaching to help encourage your entrepreneurial goals.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of joining Thuja Wellness, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.