Doula Services

What to expect from your Vancouver Doula

  1. 2x Antenatal Consultations
  2. Birth (Time Is Not A Factor)
  3. 1x Postpartum Home Visit

First Antenatal Consultation: 1st week of 2 trimester (60 minutes)

Completion of Health and Wellbeing form.
Develop individualised birth plan: Birth venue, expectations of birth, Beliefs, Partners involvement.
Education – Nutrition and Exercise, Hospital Birth versus Homebirth/ Water Birth.
Birth Attendants- Midwife, OB, family members, friends, photographer.
Your Questions.
First Payment.

Second Antenatal Consultation 1st week of 3rd trimester (45 minutes)

Education – Stages of Birth, Cesearan Section Versus Vaginal Birth, Induction and medical Intervention, breastfeeding versus Formula.
Finalising birthing details.

Birth: There is no time limit for the birthing process.

First time birthing mothers can birth anywhere from 6hrs-56hrs.
Second Payment.

Postpartum Home Visit (60 minutes)

General check up making sure Mother and Baby are breastfeeding and healthy.
Your Questions?
Last contact with your Doula.


A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required when you choose one of our Doulas to attend your birth. This deposit will be subtracted from the total amount.

Half payment is required on the first antenatal visit
Complete payment is required at the end of the birth
Payments can be paid via email or cash.

Cancellation & No Show Policy

Thuja Wellness Vancouver Doula Services require 24hrs cancellation notice the first and second antenatal appointments.
A $40.00 fee will apply apply if you call after 24hrs.
A $60.00 fee will apply for clients who do not show up at all.
​If you no longer require our services? Family First Vancouver Doula Services require 1 months cancellation notice from the time of your first antenatal appointment. The original $200 deposit is non-refundable.

Health Funds

Health fund rebates do not apply for Vancouver Doula Services.