Birth Attendants

What is a Vancouver Midwife?

A Midwife is a medical birth attendant, who is required to study a four year undergraduate university degree. They practice evidence based medicine and are an integral part of the BC health care system. The roll of a Midwife is to offer primary maternity care to healthy expecting mothers. They provide care during early pregnancy, labour, birth (normal or complicated) and 6weeks postpartum (helping with breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby). They order and interpret tests and then take the time to thoroughly discuss your results.Our Vancouver Midwives work closely with other medical practitioners OB/Gyn, Nurses and GPs to ensure your baby is born in safe hands.

What is a Vancouver Doula?

A Doula is non-medical birth attendant, who is trained to provide physical, emotional and educational support during early pregnacy, discontinued pregnancies, labour, birth (normal or complicated) and 1 week postpartum (helping with breastfeeding and adjusting to life with a new baby). Our Doulas focus on preparing you for the birth you desire. They ensure confidence and a strong support where partners/husbands can not.

Discontinued Pregnancy

Relates to miscarriage, termination/Abortion or still birth and can be a very lonely event for many women. Women are often left to deal with their grief alone. Many women are told or believe to put their experience aside and ignore how they are actually feeling. For most women this experience will bring up fear, shame, inadequacies and extreme grief which can lead to depression. Doulas are a great source of support and nurture through a difficult time such as this. Our Doulas will assist during a miscarriage and be supportive during and after a termination or still birth.

Our team

Above everything else our Vancouver Midwives and Doulas make sure that the safety of you and your baby are their number one priority.

Our Midwives and Doulas work in teams of 3 (2 Midwives and 1 Doula) and attend home births, water births and hospital births.

Our Midwives and Doulas promote, support and protect the normal, safe, physiological and healthy processes of childbirth. They understand the risks of interfering with those processes without clear medical indication.

Our Midwives and Doulas know that most hospital birthing processes, can be highly interventional. Sometimes medical providers want mothers to be compliant and recommend medication and proceedures to decrease pain and discomfort. These methods can intimidate and prevent mothers from making clear decisions, resulting in many unwanted and, in many cases, unwarranted procedures.

Our Midwives and Doulas work closely with one another and stand united as a team to ensure the birth of your child is a safe and positive experience. Our strong, supportive team, empowers many women. They give them strength during hard decision making & encourage women to communicate their needs perceptions so they actualise their dream of a positive birth experience.