Clients’ Testimonials

At Thuja Wellness, we create unique healing plans to meet our patients’ needs but don’t take our word for it, see our clients’ testimonials. In case you want to share your review, please click here.

Kelsey is the only person I’ll goto for acu and cupping. She’s knowledgeable, caring, and warm. Thuja is such a great experience too, it’s super clean with really relaxing energy. It feels like such a treat to go for treatment there!
Candice Oceandreamergoogle
I love going to Thuja Wellness! I had problems with both my knees and in just a couple weeks I am feeling fantastic. Before I could only run for 3 km before me knees acted up and now I am running 10+ km, playing tennis and feeling great. I highly recommend Thuja Wellness.
Jamie Guygoogle
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated at Thuja. Kaitlin and Ila are clearly brilliant Osteopaths. The space is beautiful and these women are true healers. Thank you!!!
Krista Braathengoogle
I got my treatment from Kaitlyn. She helped me to get instant relaxation from shoulder and neck sourness. she was professional wearing mask & prices were very reasonable.
Shubhankar Guptagoogle
Thanks to this trio of ladies, I’m happy to report that after 3.5 + years of trying, we are on our way to having a healthy baby later this summer. We’ve been through many ups and downs previous to meeting the “Healthy Moms Happy Babies” Trio - miscarriage, natural, IVF, more natural and 2 rounds of egg freezing and then ... after 5 months of trying naturally with the help from these ladies, we got our good news in November. When I came to Ila, Susan & Alexina, my goal was to clear my body of all the past trauma and then move onto focusing on prepping my body for a baby. Each practitioner has their own magic touch, special remedies and some added tests, which helped me get my body functioning at its best. I’m so happy to have the support of this trio of ladies through the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you so so so much
J. Robillard
My partner and I were trying to conceive for close to a year and a half with no luck. My friend kept telling me about this amazing Osteopath that she was seeing for her fertility. She was also having a difficult time conceiving (over a year). After a few months of my friend seeing Ila and taking part in her fertility program, she became pregnant. This was when I knew I had to take charge of my fertility so I made an appointment with Ila. Ila recommends a program that includes a combination of RMT, osteopathy, and acupuncture. I recently started acupuncture somewhere else, so I decided to just see Ila for osteopathy and did not do the full program. Ila is a such a kind, understanding, and caring soul. She really listened to my concerns and I truly felt like she was right by my side through my struggles. As an added bonus, she would make me a fertility oil that I became obsessed with. After a couple cycles of seeing Ila, I was pregnant. I could not believe it. I truly thank Ila for being a part of my fertility journey and I would highly recommend seeing her. PS. I am 16 weeks pregnant today and it's a BOY! So far everything is going really well (now that I'm not nauseous everyday!). I will come see you a little later into my pregnancy 🙂
Natasha Sarsthi
I went to Ila when chronic foot pain was interfering with the pleasure of walking/hiking. Ila was a delight to visit, a great combination of competent, professional and friendly. My foot pain shifted immediately and I needed only additional treatment to stabilize it. I recommend her without reservation.
Carol G.yelp
My experience with Ila was great. The booking process is seamless and the treatments effective in addressing my issue. I went to see her a few times earlier this year. Not only did I see results quickly, but also months later I still feel good. I'd recommend without hesitation. She seemed to genuinely care about my well-being. Thank you Ila.
Saul B.yelp
I originally came in to see Ila for pain in my shoulders due to having a physical job. I felt comfortable in her abilities right at the start because of her obvious knowledge and caring nature. Ila helped alleviate my pain. I highly recommend her for any pain you have, as a prenatal/postnatal mum, athlete or anyone with pain. Thank you Ila!
Susan P.yelp
I developed the most insane shoulder pain over a number of months (low grade manageable culminating in weeping intensity over Christmas). I was diagnosed with calcified tendonitis and my doctor gave me a steroid shot and put me on a waiting list for removing the calcium deposits. In the meantime, my shoulder continued to have constant mid-grade pain. I went to see Ila and I'm not sure what she did but I was able to move my arm without pain for the first time in weeks. I'm still on that wait list but I know if the pain comes back before I'm able to get it taken care of I can go see Ila to see me through.
Amanda M.yelp