Is Massage really an important part of the Fertility Enhancement, Birth Preparation or Postpartum recovery program?

Stress is a common factor in fertility issues, birth preparation and postpartum recovery. Research states that women who have a lot of stress in their lives have difficulty conceiving. There are many reasons for feeling stress during pregnancy. One of the main stress factors of pregnancy is the birth itself as it can bring up a fear of the unknown. Once a baby is born,there is so much for a new mom to cope with, breastfeeding, lack of sleep, hormonal changes and physical healing. Massage with help to destress you by calming your nervous system so that you are able to cope with stress better. It will reduce you cortisol levels which will help balance your hormones for fertility, prepare and soften your muscles for birth and helps you deal with the changes a new born makes on your life.

Can I use my own Massage Therapist?

We do not advise you use your own massage therapist when embarking on a Thuja Wellness Fertility Enhancement Program, Birth Preparation Program or Postpartum Recovery Program. Our extremely skilled Massage Specialist has been specializing in Pre and postnatal massage for over 10years. She is brilliant at what she does. More over, She works with all of Thuja Welneess practitioners and collaborates with them to ensure a greater outcome for your goals. A Massage Therapist who is not involved with these programs will not have the same information or insight as our Massage Specialist.