Treatment Plans

For successful recovery of common issues and ailments that actually last, Thuja Wellness has developed appropriate treatment plans to ensure a completely holistic approach to health, wellness and healing.

Ila Casselman, a Vancouver-based osteoapth, helps treat her patient with chronic pain

Chronic pain 

Are you experiencing chronic pain and unable to understand the cause or from where it is coming from? Finally feel relief with our osteopathic treatment plans that identify the source of pain to heal your body, mind and soul from the original trauma.
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Work and sports injury 

Has work or sports-related injury caused you to stay at home and sit in pain? Get back to doing what you love and making your activity, work-life pain-free with Thuja’s integrative treatment plan.
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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Wounds from a motor vehicle accident (MVAs) can vary from minor to more serious injuries, but you don’t need to live with that pain.
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Postural dysfunctions 

Poor posture no more! Thuja Wellness’s holistic healthcare plan connects your body and mind to minimize and even eliminate your postural dysfunction. Take the first step towards a life without rounded shoulders, locked knees and lower back pain.
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Stress relief 

Constant stress is the precursor to many serious health problems including depression, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart disease and more. Our stress relief program is designed to balance your cortisol levels, decrease your adrenaline and calm your nervous system. Experience deep relaxation and better management of stress.
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