Miscarriage Prevention

Leaders in Miscarriage Prevention

Miscarriage & pregnancy loss is probably the greatest fear all new expecting mothers face. Some women miscarry once and go on to carry a pregnancy full term, while other women might have reoccurring miscarriages. Quite often there is no medical explanation or diagnosis as to why a miscarriage has occurred.

A miscarriage creates three kinds of stress: physical, emotional, and traumatic. High amounts of stress are known to create fertility issues. While you are lucky that you are able to conceive, miscarriage is still a fertility issue that needs to be addressed from a holistic perspective.

Miscarriage Prevention: Monthly Treatment Plans

Our individualized monthly treatment plans offer an integrated approach to help you prevent a miscarriage.


Osteopathy is holistic manual healthcare that treats all body pain and dysfunction related to your joints, muscles, nerves, connective tissue and internal organs. Treatment is tailored to treat the individual’s root cause, not just the symptoms with Osteopathic Manual Techniques.


  • decreases emotional, physical & traumatic stress
  • realigns pelvis & improves nerve conduction to the uterus, ovaries & fallopian tubes
  • increases immune function

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