Counselling and Mental Care

Mental health is one of the growing health problems currently in our society. We live in an increasingly pressured world, that inflicts huge expectations on each of us, in our work or private lives.

This can be detrimental to our mental health in a variety of ways. Thuja Wellness practitioners are experienced, thoughtful, caring, and skilled at helping individuals deals with their mental health issues across a broad variety of problems.

Common mental health problems include:


By far the most common mental health problem faced by people today. These mood problems are difficult to for an individual to cope with alone, and can have a devastating effect on your quality of life. From interfering with sleep, running relationships, effecting your ability to focus on a task, even cause difficulty in being motivated to do anything at all, the symptoms of depression can harm every aspect of your life. If left without help, sufferers can see their overall health and well-being deteriorate too, causing even more problems and adding to the condition in what can become a viscous circle.


Addiction is a problem that creeps up on you, but can quickly take over your life. Addiction can cover a wide range of substances, from the two people commonly think of, alcohol or illegal drugs, to over the counter medication. Knowing you are addicted to something is very difficult, and it is more likely someone in your life will point out the problem, but however addiction is accepted, treatment is essential. For addiction, the key is finding the trigger, the cause of the overuse of whatever substance is involved, and working from that. What is really important is that anyone suffering from addiction is suffering from a disease. The biggest obstacle facing many mental health problems, and addiction in particular, is society’s unwillingness to accept that these problems are


Anxiety is another mood problem, recognized by heightened nervousness, apprehension, fear and worrying about a given situation. These feelings can have a detrimental effect on the sufferer’s life, as it can lead to behavioral changes, such as avoiding people, avoiding unknown situations and much more. Anxiety can even manifest as physical problems, including nausea, increased heart rate and muscle tension. A condition that delivers such far reaching effects on one’s life must be dealt with, and with our team, you have the finest treatment options available.


The loss of a loved one or something we value highly is never easy, but for some of us it can prove a challenge that can’t be overcome alone. From the death of a family member to the breakdown of a relationship or even a career, loss can affect us all deeply in very different ways. The danger of ignoring the overwhelming sense of loss and sadness that grief brings is that an individual can end up stuck in a moment, and not really moving on in life. It is important to overcome these challenges, and with help from experts such as the team at Thuja Wellness, there is a solution available.